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If you like to gamble when your mobile, then here are some casino games you can play on your smartphone

The Mobile Fruit Slots Game

Mobile Fruit Slots GameYes, admittedly, Fruit Slots might not be the most original named for a slot ever, but in the case of this Microgaming classic slot, nothing could hit a finer mark. This fruit slot machine is just that; a fruit slot machine that you can play on your smartphone or tablet, so the title is more than appropriate. There are no special wilds, no hidden symbols and no multiple paylines in this mobile slot game. This tasty mouthful is quite simply, a good old fashioned fruit machine, no more, no less.

How to play Mobile Casino Fruit Slots

It is back to basics with the fruit machine slot. Players have 3 reels and just 1 payline to win things on, and they have a limited wagering range to do that in. Coin denominations range from $0.25 up to $5 and a total of 3 coins per spin can be wagered. This gives the fruit machine a simple min wager of $0.25 and a cheap max wager of just $15 per spin.

As for the icons, you kind of know what to expect here, don’t you. Cherries, lemons and oranges make up the lowest paying fruit icons in this slot. Oranges, plums and watermelons make up the mid paying ones. At the higher end of the payout spectrum, players can win larger sums of money for the single, double and triple bar icons. Above that, there is only the fruit basket, which is worth the most money of all.

Fruit Slots Bonus Features

As mentioned, this is a very retro, very old fashioned fruit machine that is totally one hundred percent faithful to the original games. As such there are no special features worked into this mobile slots game; no, not a single one. But to gamers who really appreciate the golden age of fruit machines and who want a trip down memory lane, to pubs and arcades that time have forgotten, this is how you want to play.

Fruit Slots Payouts

The pay table in this fruit slot machine is divided up into 3 columns. The first is for those players who wager 1 coin per spin, whilst the second and third columns are for the players who wager 2 or 3 coins per spin. The player will always receive double the money they would for a single coin stake, if they wager two coins, and triple it for a 3 coin bet. This is true of all combinations, except the jackpot.

Any 2 cherry icons is enough to reward you with the lowest payout in the slot, whilst 3 cherries and 3 lemons are also worth small payouts. 3 oranges, 3 plums or 3 watermelons on a payline will payout pretty sums, though the best standing payouts are reserved for the bar icons, with single, double and triple bars, being worth payouts that vary from 20 coins, right up to 240 coins over the three winning combinations that these symbols can muster.

The Fruit Slots Mobile Jackpot

The fruit basket is the best paying icon in Fruit Slots. Any single fruit basket, will payout 5, 10 or 15 coins, depending on how many coins you have. The same is true for any 2 fruit baskets, with the payouts being worth a larger, 25, 50 or 75 coins. Finally, three fruit baskets will win you the top jackpot in this slot. For a single coin stake, that amounts to 250 coins, and for a double coin stake that means a 500 coins jackpot. The top prize is 2,500 coins, for all 3 fruit baskets on the payline, with 3 coins wagered.

Other notes on Fruit Slots

To give you some idea of what you are playing for; if you happen to have the maximum wager set when you discover 3 fruit baskets on the game’s sole and single payline, you will win a top jackpot of $12,500 coins. You can’t really ask for fairer than that, considering that it only costs $15 a pop to play with the max bet.

Places to Play And Trend

In Europe Sweden mobile casinos have become popular and website like are seeing an increase in mobile casino  traffic,  other countries like  Australia, UK and Canada are seeing the same trend.

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