Geax Casino for Android – Our Review of The Casino App

There are millions of Android Apps out there in the Google Play market and several thousand of those are related to casino games or gambling. It is quite difficult for a single application to stand out against the competition, but seems like Geax Casino that is developed by a team of developers, known as Gamezone8 on the app store, has really taken off. A great indicator for this are thousands of positive reviews that have been posted on various casino app review sites. We are no newbies in the gambling industry either and at least in our subjective opinion, this is a premium app offering a chance to entertain yourself for free!

The Setup Process

Setting up Geax Casino app on your Android is a really simple process and does not differ from the one that you go through when installing any other application. To get started simply visit Google Play store, which should be already built as a shortcut on your devices home screen.

Alternatively, you can also Click Here to visit the exact page of this casino app and set it up.

So once you are at the app page, simply click on the install button and the download will start right away. Note that you will need a registered account with Google to do this.

Games Offered

Mobile Casino Apps

There currently are 4 games that can be played using the Geax Android Casino App, with two more being scheduled to launch until the end of 2013. The current game offerings include Pyramid slot machine, Pirate slot, Outlaw video poker and video bingo game.

All games feature several bonus features, are optimized for touch screen devices and will allow you to enjoy a high quality gambling experience directly from your mobile or tablet device. What’s great is that all slot machines also feature a bonus pool that is based either on the time played or highest win. You can earn additional credits for play by simply participating and making a couple of spins.

Geax Casino App in comparison to others

The developers behind Geax Casino are completely standalone working guys who are not a part of any multi billion company, known in online gambling. So how does their app stand compared to the ones offered by industry giants such as Net Entertainment, MicroGaming or PlayTech?

Well, for one, the game quality is where Geax Casino can easily match offerings of the competitors. Same can be said about the ease of navigation and built in controls to have the best possible experience depending on whether your device is a touch screen one or not.

However, with all that’s good about Geax, there is also a fair bit of cons. First of all, their game variety. Currently only 4 games can be played, but that number should soon grow to 6. Even when it does, they are quite far behind online casino industry and Android Casino Apps developed by the. NetEnt app, for example, allows its users to play up to 15 games, divided into slots, table games and some scratch cards. All of that can be done completely free and so are is the application itself.

In order for Geax to become really great, they should develop way more games. We would suggest that they increase this amount to at least 20 and then we will have a serious force to online casinos on the market!

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The Sum Up

So should one get Geax Casino App and try it on their Android device or is it not worth it? Honestly, all of what you can find above is our subjective opionion and whether you like it or not will depend on you and your taste for these kinds of things. We can tell you this – even though the variety of games is not sky high, the ones offered are of very high quality.

To sum it up – sure it’s worth it to get this application. It costs you nothing, but will provide you with fun and entertainment in return! Looking at it from that point of you, it’s a no brainer really.


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