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In the very near future, the use of Smartphones will be as common as breathing oxygen for air. Well, at least for the Generation Y or Gen Yers. According to a study, 60% of Gen Yers access the Internet through their mobile phones, 75% use Social Networking sites, and 83% always have their mobile phones with them all the time, literally speaking. Smartphones are the ideal gadget for Gen Yers, who have technology hardwired into their DNA make up. While Gen Yers will have no trouble adapting to the fast changes in technology, particularly Smartphones, older generations may have a hard time keeping pace. The best solution to close the technology gap is to read on the latest issues, updates, and development on the latest gadgets today. Smartphone news will help one get a briefing on the latest trends and updates in this increasingly universal technology.

When it comes to Smartphone news, there is a website called that contains the best information on Smartphones. It contains references on the latest developments in Smartphone technology, featured articles exploring the functions of the Smartphone, guides that teach one how to get started with the Smartphone. The featured Smartphone news teaches people how to protect your mobile phone from information thieves, how to install software applications, and where to get the best freeware or free software applications. also offers the latest news about the latest Smartphone gadgets to come out in the market. Products reviews and product information are also posted in the Smartphone news and info section of the website. For easier reference, people can search via their archives, which sorts news articles and featured stories by date.

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