Google, Microsoft and Apple Smartphone Market

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Google, Microsoft and Apple Smartphone Market

Google may be inching up on the lead against Apple in the smartphone market, but where will Microsoft end up?  Industry leaders are giving Microsoft some positive marks for their recent purchase of Skype.  Microsoft may be able to revolution smartphone services, but are they gearing up to create their own free smartphone service?  This has been considered by technology specialists that are trying to predict the best business model for smartphone manufacturers and developers.  If any of the top three can break away from the smartphone cell service industry’s current pay model and switch to an advertising run branded, free smartphone service then it has been predicted that the service would quickly overtake the pay model structure.

Microsoft is in the perfect position to accomplish this, not only because of the recent acquisition of the largest, free communication software on the internet globally, but also because of the philanthropic efforts of founder Bill Gates.  It has been calculated that the most efficient expenditures towards philanthropic endeavors is through a free smartphone service that generates money through advertising revenue.  That money is then donated and gives Microsoft some excellent tax breaks.

Google might do a barrel roll and also attempt to do the same thing and would be in a decent position to do so, but it looks like Microsoft is ramping up and is already ahead of the game in the implementation of this idea.

Apple’s current structure could not sustain the free smartphone service business model and could possibly fold if they even attempted it.  So, for those that are looking for free smartphone apps and still won’t mind paying for high quality gaming apps or looking at advertising could potentially see that in the next two years coming from Microsoft.

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