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The invention of the smart phone has enabled the average consumer to purchase an all in one lifestyle device. Mobile phones used to be relegated to placing and accepting calls but modern technology has changed all of that. Along with the advent of digital technology, smart phones are now capable of multitasking features to be able to complement the fast paced digital lifestyle. The newest smart phone news will not only leave you in awe of the capabilities of the latest offerings in the market but will showcase the future of communications altogether. It seems that the future is already here for the taking.

The Motorola Atrix may seem like a common iPhone 4 competitor but it is actually different from all other smart phones in the market. The Atrix is capable of docking to a lightweight monitor, keyboard and speaker that will enable the user to experience a complete Internet experience whenever the opportunity arises. Issues about data processing and speed will be put to rest as the new Motorola smart phone is one of the first to be equipped with a dual core processor. This will give unprecedented speed when it comes to surfing the web and processing data and will enable the user to do more while still retaining a compact and lightweight package.

The Atrix was considered to be the surprise star of the CES 2011 and has given new meaning to the word smart phone. It is powered by Android 2.2 OS and is 4G based for faster surfing speeds data processing. It also comes with an enhanced battery that provides the user with enough power to complete the daily tasks at hand. Smart phone news is both amusing and fun to read as this gives you an idea on what the future of telecommunications has to offer.

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