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The year 2010 was hailed as the year of the Smartphone, no small thanks to the 95% increase in the sales figures of Smartphone around the world. Whether they are from Apple, Samsung, HTC, or Blackberry, they have all contributed to the increase in Smartphone usage. The US alone has over 61 million people who own Smartphones. This year in 2011, some very tough competition is happening in an attempt by Smartphone giants to achieve world domination. Tough marketing strategies will definitely confuse consumers, that is why getting information on Smartphones is essential before buying a $500 gadget. To avoid market confusion, read Smartphone news online. is a website that offers the latest news on Smartphones. They have featured articles that range from technology updates, operating systems, guides, and the hottest trends in the Smartphone market. They also tackle connectivity featuring different brands of Smartphones, and features a variety of information on the different brands of Smartphones. If you are a tech savvy consumer, you will find the website very informative and entertaining.

Many people buy Smartphones for the sake of getting one. The result is that they underutilize the features of their ubiquitous gadgets. The website features Smartphone news articles that teach Smartphone owners how to get started with their new gadget. It is surprising that many people do not use features such as calendars and notepads on their Smartphone. These phones today are very powerful compared to phones manufactured a decade ago, and can hold a vast number of data without crashing.  The website also shows how Smartphones can connect to other devices such as your laptop, your PC, and other gadgets that come with a Bluetooth device, facilitating easier transfer of data.

Smartphone newsare available at You want to ride the tech trend if you do not want to be left behind. Read up, smarten up, and talk like a tech savvy. gives you all the right information about todays Smartphone.

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